It’s A New Year!

NY2014 Its A New Year!


One good thing about our God given gifts is the power to choose.  Many of us have it within our power to choose a better lifestyle through healthier and wealthier choices.

This year together let’s make those choices and ask Father God to lead and guide us in the correct choices for the abundant life He has so richly provided for us.

Join us as we move toward stirring up this precious gift ~ LIFE ~ and live it abundantly.



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Together We Can!

suygcommunity Together We Can!These three words are so very powerful.  Think about it!  As we build our SUYG (Stir Up Your Gift) Community we are on a mission to grow together!

Together We Can!

Building our health and wealth one day at a time together is imperative.  It’s about sharing our testimonies, our successes, our disappointments and what we have learned as we travel this journey stirring up these areas in our life.

We believe all our efforts working together will give each of us the support and motivation to make it through one moment, day and week at a time as we follow a proven plan of success.

We were not created to build our lives alone.  We have family, friends, co-workers, just to name a few, that we interact with on a daily bases.  Therefore, it should be no surprise we have chosen to build our health and wealth on a community and relationship building platform.

Keeping The Most Important Thing The Most Important Thing!

I always say what we are building is simple but not easy.  The process and the plan is very simple to implement.  However, transitioning from our current lifestyle to actively pursue a healthier and wealthier one can be challenging especially trying to do it on our own.  Sure we can start the change on a good note of intentions, but sooner or later our older habits and distraction will want the spotlight once again.

By taking it one day at a time interacting with our SUYG community we can reinforce our God given gift of life and the power of choice that will help us stay focus.

Togetherness is a very powerful tool.  We use it to grow out of our old habits into building our new habits with a like-minded community. A community taking an action filled journey while keeping the most important thing the most important thing!

Yes, together we can build a strong successful community with healthier and wealthier members.  Each member making a commitment to stir up their God given gift.  That is the precious gift of LIFE.  Stirring up a new lifestyle by taking small action steps towards making healthier and wealthier choices.

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